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A Toxics-Free Future


Moldova Ecotox GDA

Global day of action on POPs in Moldova.

In the course of implementing the activity "Beware of Persistent Organic Pollutants," "Ecotox" NGO (Moldova) conducted four seminars in schools and lyceums of Chisinau and two seminars in schools of the Sorokskiy district of Moldova. Overall, these seminars were attended by about 200 schoolchildren (5th-11th grades), about 20 teachers, 6 preventive health care experts (former sanitary and epidemiological facilities) and about 25 workers of the aquaculture facility. They discussed issues associated with POPs impacts on flora, fauna and human health, as well as cumulative accumulation of POPs in trophic chains in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. At the request of the village residents, water samples were taken in 12 wells and ten samples of fish to estimate pesticide contamination levels (including levels of POPs pesticides).

Six seminars on POPs at elementary schools to reach students, teachers, and workers of an aquaculture facility
Taking of samples for POPs analysis