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A Toxics-Free Future


National POPs Campaign in Lebanon

National POPs campaign in Lebanon.

This report documents the activity launched by AMWAJ to raise awareness about the problems associated with POPs and toxic chemicals in Lebanon. AMWAJ, with the cooperation of the NIP committee of Lebanon, NGOs, the Ministry of Environment and municipalities, organized several preparatory meetings and a seminar in Saida designed to launch a study to address the landfill in Saida known as "Garbage Mountain," particularly the problems of unintentional POPs associated with burning waste at the dump. A multi-stakeholder workshop was then held in March 2006 to launch an activity to eliminate POPs in Lebanon, with the specific goals of data collection, civil reference to POPs in the law, dissemination of campaign materials, monitoring, media coverage and emphasis on commitment to the Stockholm Convention. The workshop was followed by a meeting in Saida, where the landfill was discussed, and NGOs and municipalities were encouraged to address and eliminate the dump with the assistance of his highness Al Waheed Bin Talal who donated 5 million pounds to the cause.

Planning and POPs awareness-raising seminars held in Beirut and Saida
Release of POPs leaflets on the POPs project, the dirty dozen and role of stakeholders
Production of stickers on the dangers of POPs and list of the dirty dozen
National media coverage on POPs