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Nepal Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in Nepal.

There is little information on POPs in Nepal. Adequate information is a necessary for any further action on the issue. In light of this, SHELGA developed a country situation report, which describes the national POPs situation, provides information about known levels, harmful effects, laws and current/planned measures to address POPs, as well as possible alternatives. Issues addressed also include Convention ratification and enabling activities, country-specific information about POPs, sources and pollution pathways, and strategies and recommendations for eliminating POPs. The report is available in English and Nepali and is addressed to NGOs, academics and others with a public policy focus. It also acts as a useful reference document for NGOs to help with awareness raising, campaigns and preparations for a meaningful role in NIPs. The report highlights stockpiles awaiting disposal and also the challenge of controlling dioxins and furans emissions in absence of regulatory standards for operation of incinerators.

Country situation report available in English and Nepali

Society for Human Rights, Environment, Law and Governance Activities (SHELGA)