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Nepal Global Day of Action Report

Global day of action on POPs in Nepal.

The Pesticide Watch Group (PWG) of NEFEJ organized an interactive awareness program, "Battling POPs in Nepal" on April 22, 2005, on the occasion of the "Global Day of Action on POPs." Government, NGOs and media were invited to discuss strategies related to the disposal of stockpiled obsolete pesticides including POPs. The Campaign included a video feature, produced by NEFEJ, which provided information and insights on how obsolete POPs pesticides are stored and handled. The video also highlighted the urgency of taking immediate steps toward the elimination of POPs due to risks to the environment and to public health. Opinions and ideas were shared by participants at the end of the program regarding possible solutions to the national POPs problem.

Awareness campaign on the occasion of Global Day of Action
POPs video highlighting risks/strategies for stockpiled obsolete POPs pesticide disposal

Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists