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A Toxics-Free Future


Non POPs Crop Protect Uganda

Non-POPs strategies for crop protection in Uganda.

This activity investigated POPs in agriculture, identified non-POPs strategies, and informed the public and key national stakeholders on the Stockholm Convention and POPs. The activity was implemented in three sugar plantations of Lugazi, Kakira and Kinyara. Very little is known about POPs in the country with exception of DDT, through public debates for and against its use in malaria control. No POPs could be identified that are currently used in agriculture, though aldrin and dieldrin have been used for termite control and they and other POPs might be present among obsolete pesticide storage sites. NUPAWU suggested an 11-point policy plan which includes involvement of farmer groups in pesticide registration; banning DDT; safe disposal of empty pesticide containers; and monitoring pest outbreaks with the goal of implementing integrated pest management. The report outcomes were disseminated to workers in the plantation region.

National Union of Plantation and Agricultural Workers, Uganda (NUPAWU)