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A Toxics-Free Future


Participatory Action Research in Philippines

Participatory action research on POPs pesticides in a Philippine rural community.

The project focused on peasant communities to raise their knowledge of the dangers of using POPs pesticides. Aside from this, the project also increased the understanding of the people in their area about the present status of using the pesticides and their impact on people's livelihood. The project served as the jump off point of the farmers to organize themselves in order to strengthen their group in the province. Community groups were trained on action research, and subsequently collected data on POPs pesticide use from different sources. The study revealed poor awareness of POPs pesticides. Based on the data gathered, community action plans were developed, including regular discussion groups and continued research on POPs pesticides. The results of the program were shared with the general public through a seminar for farmers, NGOs and other organizations/institutions related to pesticide issues.

Forum and photo exhibit on pesticides in three communities
Developed research team with training of ten farmers
Field research

Resistance and Solidarity Against Agrochemical Transnational Corporations (RESIST)