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A Toxics-Free Future


Participatory Monitoring of banned household pesticides (Diclhorvos & Chlorpyrifos) by Consumers Group in Solo City & Boyolali District

Although in Indonesia the monitoring of pesticide circulation is the responsibility of the local government, trade licenses are issued by the national government, which has led to the weakening of supervision of pesticides and violations of bans and restrictions. In this project, Gita Pertiwi aimed to determine the extent of circulation and trade of two banned household pesticides, Dichlorvos and Chlorpyrifos, by visiting shops and dealers in Solo city and Boyolali district. In order to do this, Gita Pertiwi conducted research about pesticide regulation in Indonesia, trained local groups to conduct field research, analyzed the research gathered, and released the results to media, amongst other activities The findings were also made available as materials for discussion at a meeting of the Pesticide Commission, Agriculture Department. Additionally, Gita Pertiwi encouraged the government to formulate a policy of restriction of Dichlorvos and Chlorpyrifos in agriculture and plantations.

Gita Pertiwi members of the research team

Gita Pertiwi focus group discussion in Solo