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Philippines Country Situation Report

Country situation report on pesticide POPs in the Philippines.

This project produced a country situation report on POPs pesticides in the Philippines. Interviews with key informants (both government and non-government bodies) were conducted, and relevant documents were gathered to review the existing situation regarding the status of POPs pesticides in the country; legislative and regulatory measures so far undertaken on POPs pesticides; existing inventory; and information on the import, distribution, use and disposal of POPs pesticides. The status of the country's implementation of the POPs treaty was examined, including the progress of the enabling activities to prepare the National Implementation Plan, the involvement of NGOs and other stakeholders, and public awareness on POPs and the Stockholm Convention. PAN Philippines conducted actual field visits and a limited survey (where POPs pesticides had been reported to be still in use or in stockpiles) using a structured questionnaire, key informant interviews and focus group discussions to determine the profile of POPs pesticides in the countryside, including sales, use and possible stockpiles.

Country situation report on POPs pesticides

Pesticide Action Network (PAN)