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POPs and Policy in Jordan

POPs and policy in Jordan.

This activity includes a policy brief developed by the Jordan International Center for Development and Peace concerning sustainable development and environmental legislation in Jordan. During the 1990s, environmental awareness increased in Jordan due to increasing dependence on fossil fuels, limited energy supplies, water and land scarcity, and an increasing population. With fossil fuel-fired utilities and boilers cited in the Stockholm Convention-and with most of Jordan's industrial complexes built in the 1970s and 1980s-environment became a concern. The need to update technology, policy and laws leading to sustainable development, renewable energy use and increased fuel efficiency was recognized. The policy brief links national legislation and policies with the international ones and concludes that Jordan can better integrate environmental, social and economic goals. The brief includes a discussion of available environmental laws and legislation on chemical management, citing the correlating Ministry or management institution. Notwithstanding the efforts and numerous draft laws and regulations passed by the Ministry of Environment, it was discovered that there is no unified or clear mechanism in national legislation prohibiting and addressing POPs and their ill effects. The need for adequate supervision and enforcement, as well as the overall need build legal capacity to address POPs in Jordan was discussed.

Policy brief on sustainable development and environmental legislation in Jordan
Summary of environmental legislation in Jordan

Jordan International Center for Development and Peace