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POPs in Kockkorskiy District Kyrgyzstan

Analysis and assessment of POPs in the Kochkorskiy District of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Unison focused activities on POPs in a remote rural district in the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan where agriculture is the principal economic activity. The NGO reviewed information on POPs sources; conducted a roundtable discussion to assess awareness of POPs; identified specific POPs hotspots; surveyed local residents; and disseminated information about POPs. Twelve storage facilities contain 28 tons of obsolete pesticides and failed to meet sanitary standards. In addition, pesticide burial sites were identified that contained DDT and Lindane. These problems were taken up in the roundtable discussion, which was warmly received by local civil society organizations and led to commitments to work toward addressing the obsolete pesticide problems. Unison also characterized three contaminated sites and disseminated information on POPs to NGOs and the public. The report concludes there is low awareness of POPs among all sectors and recommends including the burial sites in official inventories.

Report: Analysis and assessment of POPs in the Kochkorskiy District of the Kyrgyz Republic
Roundtable discussion on POPs and contaminated sites
Initial characterization of three contaminated sites
Dissemination of information on POPs

Unison Civic Environmental Foundation