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A Toxics-Free Future


POPS Pesticide Elimination Strategy for Vegetable Production in Tuba

In an effort to promote alternative methods to the use of highly toxic pesticides, Ecological Restorations collaborated with officials from the Ghanan Environmental Protection Agency to develop a summarized and illustrated version of the Pesticides Control Management Act. Over the course of several community meetings, workshops, and trainings, farmers, chemical sellers, and consumers were made aware of the bans on highly toxic pesticides (chemical sellers were asked to voluntarily restrict the use of the banned pesticides), learned about the results of a laboratory analysis of POPs in local vegetables, developed a local strategy to control pesticide use, and underwent a two week training in the use of Integrated Pesticide Management as an alternative to the use of dangerous pesticides. As a result of this project, banned pesticides are no longer being sold by several chemical sellers, local peasant farmers are now aware of existing legislation, and a significant number now have the tools to farm in much safer ways.