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A Toxics-Free Future


POPs Public Awareness in Nepal

Public information and awareness campaign on POPs.

Though Nepal's population possesses a general awareness of environmental issues, the issue of POPs is very new. As a response, the Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ) initiated a national POPs-awareness campaign. The primary aims were to raise awareness and increase public participation in POPs elimination and reduction strategies. NEFEJ surveyed POPs storage hotspots, unearthing detailed information on types of POPs stored, conditions of storage and packaging. A video documentary (produced in the local Nepali language) which contained information on the impacts of POPs and recommendations for civil society strategies for eliminating POPs was produced and disseminated among the general public. The video has been seen as a valuable awareness vehicle on POPs and is now used and referred to widely by civil society groups as well as individuals, journalists and students.

Survey of obsolete POPs stockpiles/pesticide hotspots in Nepal
Publication and dissemination of POPs booklet
POPs video produced in local Nepali language

Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists