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A Toxics-Free Future


Production of IEC Material in Nepal

Production of IEC material on POPs and its dissemination through interaction programs.

This report outlines CEPHED's efforts in producing and disseminating information, education and communication (IEC) material on POPs to increase awareness about pollution from incineration, obligations under the Stockholm Convention and POPs in general. The awareness activity resulted in the development of an extensive network among multiple stakeholders, a poster launch and interactive awareness-raising program that involved local authorities, medical practitioners, hospital staff, NGOs, CBOs, health departments, media and the general public, highlighting the harmful effects and the link between POPs and waste management, particularly open burning and incineration of bio-medical waste, encouraging use of alternatives to incineration technology.

Multi-stakeholder awareness campaign regarding POPs and harmful effects of open burning and incineration of bio-medical waste

Center for Public Health and Environment Development (CEPHED)