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A Toxics-Free Future


Promotion for Chemical-Free Agriculture for Ecological Balance

Parivartan Pariharpur Sansthan (PPS) helped small and marginal farmers in the Madhubani district of India form 10 "Farmer’s Clubs" (with 10-12 members) to encourage collaborative capacity building, resource sharing, networking with local government, as well as training in Integrated Pest Management. Among the other successes of this program, Parivartan noted that encouraging the Farmer Club model has strengthened community ties between farmers, villagers, and government officials, and made them all aware of the critical need for sustainable ecological practices. To aid in the development of these Clubs, Parivartan produced training and educational materials and used wall writings to publicize the efforts in local villages. Currently, they are in discussion with regional government to spread these efforts to other areas.

PPS meeting women

PPS meeting