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A Toxics-Free Future


Public awareness raising POPs organic farming

Public awareness raising on POPs and training in organic farming in Rajasthan.

India's green revolution has left a legacy of widespread use of pesticides and POPs. To address the issue, GVePS implemented an awareness-raising campaign encouraging cultivators to shift from chemical fertilizers/pesticides to organic farming practices. Awareness activities reached 15 villages in the Dausa District of Rajasthan and included camps, a farmer's fair, foot marches, wall writing, public meetings and institution building, sensitizing farmers to the harmful effects of POPs. Training was provided on composting and use and application of organic manure. The village level institutions also took part and supported the agenda. Attempts were made to document and disseminate "popular knowledge" including indigenous seed preservation, traditional farm management practices and use of indigenous pest control. Interventions helped spark debate among farmers on POPs and build an understanding of their hazards. Organic farming practices are now being seen as a viable option, with a higher level of community commitment toward ecology and biodiversity.

POPs awareness-raising activities in Rajasthan about POPs and safer and organic alternatives
Training on composting and use and application of organic manure
Promotion of "popular" traditional agricultural knowledge

Gramin Vikas evam Paryavaran Sanstha (GVEPS)