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A Toxics-Free Future


Regional NGOs POPs and Chemicals

Developing regional NGO strategies on POPs and chemical management.

This report highlights the activity conducted by RAED, a network of more than 200 Arab NGOs spread across nearly 20 countries. RAED, in conjunction with UNIDO, the IPEP Middle East Hub and League of Arab States held a regional workshop designed as a follow-up to the Johannesburg Declaration on SAICM. The meeting led by Dr. Abdel Salam El-Banna, Day Hospital, Dr. Emad Adly and the RAED General Coordinator, with special attendance by Klaus Töepfer (former UNEP Executive Director) brought together more than 35 NGOs from 12 Arab countries. IPEP provided funding to make the presence of some NGOs possible. The RAED meeting took place in parallel to the Executive Office to the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for Environment "CAMRE" meeting and the International Conference on Chemicals Management in Dubai. The workshop highlighted as critical issues: monitoring of SAICM implementation; role of NGOs in implementing SAICM; and addressing country situations on chemicals, toxics and POPs. Recommendations also included the importance of NGOs in helping to achieve chemical safety goals, to exchange information, to promote public participation; and to facilitate a SAICM stakeholder network.

Regional workshop on chemicals and POPs with 35 NGOs from 12 Arab countries in attendance
Recommendations for achieving chemical safety goals

Arab Network for Environment and Development (RAED)