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A Toxics-Free Future


Russia PRTR Summary

The role of intersectoral partnerships in development of regional and local PRTRs.

The aim of the project activity was to discuss participation of NGOs in development of pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTR). The main attention focused on enterprises considered to be sources of POPs release, including the chemical industry, petrochemical industry and enterprises conducting waste water treatment. On the basis of results of analysis of already implemented registers in Russia and the experience of Volgograd Oblast, two booklets were developed: information on principles and main objectives of PRTRs in Russia and recommendations for organization of PRTR development works. The key information of these booklets was also disseminated among non-governmental organizations that expressed their interest in the problem. The information seminar, "The Role of Inter-sectoral Partnerships in Development of Regional and Local PRTRs", was conducted for NGOs that expressed their intentions to facilitate development of the system of PRTRs in Russia, promoting the idea of development of local and regional PRTRs in their regions. The seminar participants expressed their intentions to carry out necessary consultations in their regions after their return home, to discuss opportunities for development of PRTRs and to choose appropriate options for their regions. In order to optimise these activities, they decided to establish a network for exchange of information and experience. "Volgograd-Ecopress" Information Centre was authorized to organize the network, to develop necessary recommendations and information materials.

Two booklets on development of PRTR
Dissemination of results at an NGO seminar
Implementation of an information network on PRTR

Volgograd Ecopress