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A Toxics-Free Future


Seminar and Mobilizing for the NIP in Brazil

Civil society seminar for development of the National Implementation Plan (NIP) in Brazil.

ACPO held this workshop on January 22 - 23, 2006 in the city of Salvador, Bahia State, Brazil. The representatives of 20 different Civil Society Organizations met to prepare and discuss the Civil Society contributions to the preparations of the National Implementation Plan (NIP) of the Stockholm Convention. Among the main achievements of the seminar are a group of strategies and actions the participants had identified as key for the mobilization and broader participation of civil society in this process. The strategies and actions are divided into three main groups: pesticides, urban issues and industrial issues, and they are crossed referenced in areas such as education, public right to know, POPs inventory, health impacts on communities and workers, involvement of the Judicial System (such as Public Prosecutors), universities, and politicians. The Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health of Brazil helped financially support the workshop. A CD with presentations and recommendations was produced.

Awareness-raising and capacity building workshop
Informational materials including CD of presentations
Summary report of activities

Associação de Combate aos POPs (ACPO)