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A Toxics-Free Future


Study, Awareness Raising and Capacity building about Electronic Waste in Nepal

To raise awareness and build capacity concerning E-waste management, CEPHED convened the first ever National Workshop on E-waste Management to be held in Nepal. Government agencies, journalists, international NGOs, and stakeholders from the electronic industry all participated in this one-day event held in Kathmandu. At the workshop, three scientific papers were presented: “CEPHED`s E-Waste Study in Nepal”, “Electronic Waste Study and Management Practices in India and Global Experience”, and “Emerging E-Waste: CFL & Lead Acid Battery and Environment”. A question and answer discussion period followed the presentations. Participants were also treated to a documentary video and able to take home a booklet on E-waste.

E-waste in BiratnagarPeople with E-waste in Biratnagar