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Syria Country Situation Report

Country situation report on POPs in Syria.

This report discusses the situation of POPs in Syria, particularly as it relates to pesticides and insecticides listed under the Stockholm Convention, PCBs, and dioxins and furans. Syria was able to conduct inventories and examination of the hazards and ill health effects caused by insecticides, PCBS, dioxins and furans with the assistance of UNEP. The report outlines the role and collaboration of the Ministries in this process. Several national committees have also been formed to assist in better managing toxic chemicals. The report highlights the importance of the NIP process and makes several recommendations, including (in order of priority) reducing pollution of insecticides and pesticides into ground and drinking water; addressing problems of air pollution caused by fuel usage, cement industries, oil refineries, and electrical power generating stations; the need for follow-up by the Ministry of Local Administration and Environment in execution and implementation of the Stockholm Convention; and a tiered national POPs strategy consisting of: 1) an education phase, 2) monitoring phase and 3) participation phase. Need for better technology, more comprehensive environmental regulation and improved coordination and communication were also cited.

Country situation report for Syria available in English
Surveys and inventories
Awareness-raising activities on POPS

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