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A Toxics-Free Future


Together Eliminate POPs in Lebanon

Together let's eliminate POPs.

This report describes APEP's POPs community awareness program which was conducted in collaboration with four NGOs. The program focused on reducing pesticide usage in Lebanon and eliminating those forbidden by the Stockholm Convention. To this end, APEP spread POPs awareness via four workshops; preparation and dissemination of 5,000 POPs brochures in the Al Nabatieh Municipality and neighboring villages; and the placement of large signs in public streets that encouraged communities to come to the workshops and eliminate POPs. Workshops discussed the historic, scientific and legal issues associated with POPs and encouraged community participation. As a result, a number of POPs petitions were signed and sent to the Ministry of Health. Activities also included lobbying decision-makers and stakeholders toward the implementation of the Stockholm Convention. The activity also designed a press campaign using newsletters and local newspapers.

Multiple POPs-awareness workshops
Production and dissemination of 5,000 POPs brochures describing and listing POPs and their harmful effects

APEP (Association pour la protection de l'environement et du patrimoine -Nabatieh)