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A Toxics-Free Future


Volgograd Ecopress GDA

Global day of action on POPs in Russia: Act with us against POPs!

On April 22, 2005, in Volgograd, "Volgograd Ecopress" Information Centre and "Ecology" Club conducted two youth-oriented awareness raising actions: "Act with Us against POPs!" These actions were conducted in the central area of Volgograd, in the most polluted Krasnoarmeiskiy district of the city, where the main industrial facilities of Volgograd operate. Schoolchildren, students of Volgograd State Agriculture Academy and Volgograd subsidiary of Moscow University of Consumers' Co-operation informed the city residents on the problem of environmental contamination by POPs. For two hours, at the key crossroads of the city, students displayed their posters and used loudspeakers to inform the city residents on POPs-related problems in Volgograd. In the course of the action, they distributed awareness-raising booklets on the threat of environmental pollution by Volgograd industrial facilities and hazardous effects of accumulation and spread of these substances. Students of law departments, under the auspices of the Students' Legal Clinic, explained to the city residents what available options they have to materialise their rights for healthy environment. In the course of the action, more than 300 Volgograd residents signed a special petition, addressed to directors of industrial plants of the city. The petition was published in printed media outlets and mailed to directors of chemical, petrochemical and metallurgic facilities of Volgograd

Two youth awareness-raising actions
Petition with 300 signatures

Volgograd Ecopress