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A Toxics-Free Future


Waste action plan for City of Vrbovec (Phase 2)

Zelena akcija / FoE Croatia followed up on the success of a previous project by actively participating in several community activities related to waste management in Vrbovec, Croatia. The first was to present the findings of their novel pilot waste management program (also supported by ISIP) at a local scientific symposium geared towards waste management policy. Following this symposium, the organizers conducted a workshop, inviting NGOs, citizens, local government officials, and youth councils to provide feedback on how to improve upon the results of their recycling and composting program. In a third activity, a lecture was organized and held at the National Library. In this lecture, delivered by Zelena akcija’s leadership, a culture of reuse, consciousness about the environment, and shared humanitarian values was promoted. An art exhibit featuring children’s book characters demonstrating these values was held in conjunction with the lecture event. A fourth activity was the creation of “A waste action plan for the city of Vrbovec”, in which concrete steps were laid out for the city to improve waste management standards.

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