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A Toxics-Free Future


Waste Incineration Residues, a Significant Source of POPs in the Czech Republic

In an effort to create public awareness about illegal waste incineration in the Czech Republic as well as the larger issue of waste incineration residues in general, Arnika conducted several activities. The first involved sampling for PCB, dioxins, and PAH residues at a waste site and making the results public through mass media. Subsequently, a workshop on POPs wastes and waste incineration was organized for Czech NGOs, with 22 participants. A joint declaration from the workshop was created, as well as the formation of a new network. Participation in public hearings was also undertaken, and press conferences were conducted to draw attention to this issue. Arnika also took part in discussions about plans to build new waste incinerators and about revision of the National Implementation Plan of the Stockholm Convention.

Waste incineration residue found in a forest close to a landfill near Frydlant Waste incineration residues found in a forest were shown to decision makers during a negotiations about plans for a new incineratorPress release, 25 April, 2012: Zastupitelé ve Stříbře řekli ano novému zařízení na spalování odpadů. Občanů se na názor nezeptali.

Press release, 11 April, 2012: Další zařízení na spalování odpadu pro Plzeňský kraj – občané je nechtějí, komerční společnost ano.