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Update: View IPEN & BAN guide to the Basel Ban Amendment

Ratification by Croatia Seals Entry into Force of Basel Ban Amendment

Seattle, Washington, USA. Croatia's 6th of September deposit of ratification of the 1995 Basel Ban Amendment has allowed this global waste dumping prohibition to finally enter into the force of international law. The Ban Amendment, adopted by the parties to the Basel Convention in 1995, prohibits the export of hazardous wastes from member states of the European Union, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and Liechtenstein to all other countries.

ZENICA/PRAGUE – Despite the highly toxic air in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), only limited data on levels of pollution is accessible to the public. The government is failing to meet its international obligations, as well as those under domestic law, and publish a transparent register of major polluters. People thus do not know who is really poisoning them and to what extent and cannot effectively enforce the necessary improvements.

One of the rarest of wildcats, the Balkan lynx has gained an almost mythical reputation. A national symbol of North Macedonia, it appears on the country's five denar coin, but today the species is critically endangered. 


Cry Game: Phthalates in Plastic Toys and Childcare Articles


Safer Chemicals Alternative (ALHem) conducted analysis of the presence of banned or restricted phthalates in toys and childcare articles with the aim of raising public awareness on toy health safety in Serbia. The study is a part of a “CRY-GAME” outreach campaign supported by IPEN's Programme on Chemicals in Products “Raising Awareness on Health Impact of the Chemicals Used in Children Toys and Childcare products.”


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