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Country Situation Reports on Highly Hazardous Pesticides in Latin America

With NGO Partners, IPEN has been conducting a project in Latin America to raise awareness about the dangers of highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs) use. After extensive research was conducted, reports were written about the situation relating to pesticide use in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba and Mexico. The reports include information about the pesticides used that are found on Pesticide Action Network International's Highly Hazardous Pesticides list; countries and companies accountable for HHPs imports, formulations and sales; nationally registered pesticides that are banned in the European Union and other countries; HHPs that are exceptionally dangerous for bees and pollinators; non-toxic alternatives; and national regulations related to pesticides use, amongst other information. Please find links to the reports (in Spanish and Portuguese) and Executive Summaries (in English) below:

Situación Actual de los Plaguicidas Altamente Peligrosos en Panamá - RAP-AL Panamá

Alternativas a los Plaguicidas Altamente Peligrosos en América Latina y el Caribe - RAP-AL Cuba

Informe Sobre los Plaguicidas Altamente Peligrosos en la Argentina - RAP-AL Argentina

Situação de Agrotóxicos Altamente Perigosos no Brasil - CETAP

Informe Sobre la Situación de los Plaguicidas Altamente Peligrosos (PAP) en Chile - Alianza una Mejor Calidad de Vida / RAP-AL Chile

Los Plaguicidas Altamente Peligrosos en México - Red de Acción sobre Plaguicidas y Alternativas en México (RAPAM)