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A Toxics-Free Future


International Right-to-Know Conference Held in Czech Republic

Arnika Association, IPEN's Regional Hub for Central and Eastern Europe, recently held an international conference, "We have a right to know and to speak," in Prague, Czech Republic. Presentations were given by speakers from Thailand, Iceland, Czech Republic, USA and Serbia, and related to accessing information, pollution monitoring, and how to test products and the environment for hazardous substances. 

"Right to know," is the principle that the individual has the right to know the chemicals to which they may be exposed in their daily living.

Presentations from the conference can be found here.

A video of G.I. Guðbrandsson's presentation on "Public participation in environmental decision making in Iceland" can be found here

Autthaporn Ritthichat and Jitka Strakova presented at the conference