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A Toxics-Free Future


Highly Hazardous Pesticides

The near-fatal poisoning of a NSW Central Coast man with severe autism who drank a cocktail of highly toxic herbicides left in an unmarked drink bottle has sparked fresh calls for a nationwide ban on Paraquat.

Un conjunto de organizaciones sociales y ambientales tratamos de entender lo inexplicable, a 15 días de sancionada en Rosario por unanimidad la ordenanza de prohibición del herbicida glifosato, los co

En la sesión del jueves 30 de noviembre, los concejales de los bloques del Socialismo (Irizar, Estevez, Comi, Chale, Poy, Rosua, León), del Pro (Roselló, Bouza, Ghilotti, Chumpitaz, Cardozo) y sus aliados (Giuliano, Cossia, Boasso), consumaron un mamarracho jurídico administrativo con el objetivo de echar por tierra la ordenanza votada unánimemente el 16 de noviembre, la cual proh

IPEN Participating Organization Center for Environmental Justice and Development (CEJAD) is featured in this news story from K24 in Kenya. The story relates to the dangerous concentration of lead in Lake Naivasha, which is likely due to pesticide run-off from nearby flower farms or other agricultural activities in the area. Dr.

As part of their contribution to SAICM implementation in the region, authors Ngamo Tinkeu L S (University of Ngaoundéré, Faculty of Science, Department of Biological Sciences), Ngassoum M-B (University of Ngaoundéré, High School of Food Processing, Department of Applied Chemistry) and Kuepouo G (Research and Education Centre for Development (CREPD), Yaoundé Cameroon) have produced their findings on highly hazardous pesticides that are registered and used in Central and West Af