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A Toxics-Free Future

Lead in Paint

[Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia] The majority of household paints analyzed in seven Asian countries contain unsafe levels of lead; would not meet regulatory standards established in most highly industrialized countries; and, in a number of cases, have astonishingly high lead content, according to a new report.

On the occasion of the celebration of World Consumer Day on 15 March 2014, the largest consumer association in Cameroon (Cameroon League of Consumers- LCC) held an event in Yaoundé on 14 March, 2014. The event brought together regulators, the private sector, government representatives and NGOs to interact and exchange views on consumers' rights in Cameroon.

The Asian Lead Paint Elimination Project Partner Newsletter for February, 2014 is now available, and contains news about partners' progress in developing lead regulations, as well as information about the new chemical control order in the Philippines and more.

IPEN Participating Organization EcoWaste Coalition lauded the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for promulgating a Chemical Control Order (CCO) prohibiting lead in decorative paint above 90 parts per million (ppm), the protective goal for lead in paint recommended worldwide by IPEN.


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