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Lead in Paint

Alternatives to Lead in Paint

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Non-leaded pigments, driers and anti-corrosive agents have been widely available for decades and are used by manufacturers producing the highest quality paints. In most cases, by avoiding the use of lead pigments, lead driers and other intentionally added lead compounds, a paint manufacturer will produce paints that have lead content well below 90 ppm and that can be sold in any country in the world.

IPEN Research

IPEN has demonstrated that leaded paints for home use continue to be widely produced, sold and used in developing countries despite the fact that most highly industrial countries banned leaded house paints more than 40 years ago. IPEN’s global campaign to eliminate leaded paint raises awareness that childhood exposure remains a serious problem and has catalyzed national activity in a number of developing countries to eliminate leaded paint and protect children.

The Asian Lead Paint Elimination Project Partner Newsletter for December, 2013 is now available, and contains a country by country lead paint analysis, as well as a report on the International Lead Paint Elimination Week and more. Read the whole newsletter HERE.

This week at the 5th African regional meeting on the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) and related workshops in Pretoria, South Africa, Centre de Recherche et d’Education pour le Développement (CREPD) from Cameroon received the award for "Outstanding Quick Start Programme project in Africa" for their project on lead in paint. 


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