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A Toxics-Free Future



The IPEN Quick Views document is a summary statement of some IPEN views about issues that will be taken up at the 4th International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM4), including, among others, highly hazardous pesticides, chemicals in products, lead in paint, electronics, the overall orientation and guidance (OOG) document, endocrine disruptors, nanotechnology and finances. Read the Quick Views here.

Visit IPEN's ICCM4 website here. 

Numerous representatives from IPEN Participating Organizations have contributed to this new book, spearheaded by Red Latinoamericana de Nanotecnología y Sociedad (ReLANS), about nanotechnolgy, labor and regulation in Latin America.  

From the editor:

This informational brochure was developed to (i) provide an overview of nanotechnology development in the Asia-Pacific Region; (ii) introduce the social, environmental, and health implications of nanotechnology for workers and consumers in this region; and (iii) to stimulate and strengthen stakeholders’ participation in the global and national discussions on the actions to be implemented by governments, industry, and civil society to lay out a precautionary environment for the safe develo

Social and Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology Development in Africa / Implications Sociales et Environnementales du Developpement des Nanotechnologies en Afrique

September, 2012

Implicaciones sociales y ambientales del desarrollo de las nanotecnologías en América Latina y el Caribe / Social and Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology Development in Latin America and the Caribbean

Produced by Guillermo Foladori and Noela Invernizzi with the collaboration of Fernando Bejarano in the SAICM sections.

March, 2012