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A Toxics-Free Future


Afirman  especialistas en presentación de libro “Envenenados,” de Patricio Eleisegui sobre la realidad Argentina
En Campeche liberación de soya transgénica con fumigaciones con glifosato  violan derechos y contaminan el ambiente


The cotton fields of sub-Saharan Africa hold a deadly secret—thousands of tons of obsolete pesticides are buried out of sight but slowly taking a toxic toll on the region’s people and environment.

The near-fatal poisoning of a NSW Central Coast man with severe autism who drank a cocktail of highly toxic herbicides left in an unmarked drink bottle has sparked fresh calls for a nationwide ban on Paraquat.

Un conjunto de organizaciones sociales y ambientales tratamos de entender lo inexplicable, a 15 días de sancionada en Rosario por unanimidad la ordenanza de prohibición del herbicida glifosato, los co

En la sesión del jueves 30 de noviembre, los concejales de los bloques del Socialismo (Irizar, Estevez, Comi, Chale, Poy, Rosua, León), del Pro (Roselló, Bouza, Ghilotti, Chumpitaz, Cardozo) y sus aliados (Giuliano, Cossia, Boasso), consumaron un mamarracho jurídico administrativo con el objetivo de echar por tierra la ordenanza votada unánimemente el 16 de noviembre, la cual proh

UN Expert Committee recommends global action on outdated DDT-Contaminated Pesticide

(Rome, Italy) A UN technical committee has determined that Dicofol, an outdated DDT-contaminated pesticide should be eliminated globally under the Stockholm Convention, an international treaty that bans the world’s most hazardous chemical pollutants. 

The week-long meeting of the Stockholm Convention’s expert committee was held from 17-20th October 2017 and attended by many industry associations and companies involved in the production and use of fluorinated chemicals.

In Rome, the expert committee tackled a recommendation for adding PFOA to the treaty, including possible exemptions for continued uses. PFOA is known as the ‘Teflon chemical’ or C8 and has widely polluted drinking water throughout the world. The Committee began evaluation of the industry’s fluorinated substitute, PFHxS, which has been widely used as an alternative for PFOS.

In preparation for the 13th meeting of the Stockholm Convention's POPs Review Committee (POPRC), which will take place 17 - 20 October in Rome, IPEN has developed a Quick Guide to IPEN Views on POPRC 13. This document highlights IPEN's views on issues that the Committee will tackle at the meeting, including formal recommendations for listing two chemicals in the treaty: PFOA (the “Teflon chemical”) and dicofol (a pesticide linked to production of DDT).


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