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A Toxics-Free Future


New, Online Program Examines Impact of Toxic Chemicals on Women’s Health

Gothenburg, Sweden A new educational series will focus on the specific risks women face when exposed to toxic chemicals. The goal of the free, online course is to educate the public at large and to build a broad, woman-led leadership for addressing issues related to toxic chemical exposure. The first in the nine-part series will be available beginning 18 October 2021 and can be accessed at

Sara Brosché, author of Women, Chemicals, and the SDGs, released in 2021, said: “Women are disproportionally impacted by exposure to chemicals and wastes, but they are under-represented when decisions about chemical use and disposal are being made. At the same time, it is women who often become the key agents for change in their communities. In developing this educational program, International Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) hopes to encourage women to play a greater role in deciding when and how toxic chemicals are manufactured, used, and disposed of – at the community level as well as at national and international levels.”

“Many household products that are used daily by women across the globe are harmful to our health, and the health of our future generations. These programs will help women, and the general public, learn when and how they are affected, and what they can do about it,” said Pamela Miller, the IPEN Co-Chair and IPEN Women’s Caucus Co-Chair.

The Teachable platform works best in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Though the programs will be conducted in a variety of languages, all will be subtitled in English. The topics covered are as follows: