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A Toxics-Free Future



Vrbovec Waste Project

Using waste management best practices modelled after those in the EU, Zelena akcija developed and implemented a pilot waste management program with a variety of activities involving local community organizations, government officials, and public citizens.

Electrical and Electronic Waste: a New Emerging Danger: E-waste National Awareness Campaign

Land and Human to Advocate Progress (LHAP) conducted a national awareness campaign to educate the public about the current situation of electric and electronic waste in Jordan. After an initial assessment, surveys exploring the public’s opinions about this issue were administered in schools and electronic shops throughout the country, and conferences with civil society organizations were implemented to create a dialogue about EE-waste.

Childrens’ Neurotoxicity in communities exposed to cement and other industries in Apaxco-Atotonilco

Centro de Diagnostico y Alternativas para Afectados por Tóxicos (CEDAAT) conducted research and public awareness activities to help communities in their demands against pollution coming from the ECOLTEC plant (a waste facility that produced fuel for cement kilns) in Mexico. ECOLTEC declared in an Environmental Impact Assessment that they would produce Volatile Organic Compounds, and the standard for cement kilns includes a series of dangerous heavy metals.