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A Toxics-Free Future


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Actions at INC5

15 January 2013

Mercury in Fish Action

On Tuesday, 15 January, IPEN served fish snacks to delegates to highlight mercury contamination of foods. IPENers wearing black chefs’ hats handed out the snacks along with postcards to remind delegates that global mercury pollution is rising.

  • Mari and Manny with delegate at fish action by Shahriar
  • Olga and Sharon with Leonor at fish action

Gold's True Price Action

On Monday, 14 January, IPEN conducted an action on “Gold’s True Price,” with the aim to deliver the following message to delegates at INC5:

  • mercury trade for Artisanal Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) should be eliminated
  • mercury-free technologies and the investment in mercury-free techniques where ASGM is conducted should be promoted
  • healthy, mercury-free livelihoods for mining communities should be promoted

A postcard was distributed during the action:

  • Jan Samanek and Mari Carcamo hold a poster at the “Gold’s True Price” action. (Photo by Shahriar Hossain)

13 January 2013

On Sunday, 13 January, IPEN conducted an “Honoring Minamata” action with the aim to show solidarity with Minamata Victims and also promote the name “The Mercury Convention” for the treaty.

Participants held posters (Statement poster, Solidarity poster), for arriving INC5 delegates to read, to help explain IPEN’s reasoning for wanting the treaty to be called “The Mercury Convention.” They also passed out blue and orange ribbons to interested delegates.

  • Honor Minamata Victims at IPEN booth by Shahriar
  • Gilbert and delegates at Honoring Minamata action by Shahriar3