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Mercury Treaty COP1 Video Displays

To supplement work at COP1, IPEN provided video and slideshow footage of how participating organizations are researching the effects of mercury poisoning. Below are the links to the videos displayed at the IPEN booth.

Click on the mercury bubble photo to see the full slideshow and video compilation. To view parts of the compilation separately, click on the corresponding photo. 

mercury treaty cop1 slideshow screenshot

Produced by BALIFOKUS and Stephen Bose-O'Reilly in October 2014, this video is a display of how one community in Cisitu Village, Indonesia tested community members for early symptoms of mercury intoxication.

Produced by BALIFOKUS, this video displays how to test for and identify early symptoms of mercury intoxication.In Nepal, the metal plating of religious statues is a widely practiced craft. However, mercury is used as the solvent for gold to be plated on each statue and vaporized thereafter. This creates hazardous mercury exposure to artisans, who are directly exposed. This video is produced by CEPHED.

Mercury Salon Magazine!

For COP1, IPEN put together a "magazine" of resources created by IPEN and Participating Organizations to display studies and information about mercury in skin creams. Find the full document here. 

mercury mag cover


25 September, 2017:

IPEN Press Release: Minamata Disease and Mercury Pollution: Past, Present, and Future

Geneva Switzerland:  IPEN, a global network of health and environmental NGOs, have brought together a mercury poisoning survivor from Minamata, Japan with researchers who have just exposed alarming levels of mercury in women of child-bearing age across the globe. Testimony was heard from Ms. Shinobu Sakamoto, who sustained significant neurological damage from in-utero mercury poisoning when her mother, like thousands harmed or killed by industrial mercury in Minamata Bay, consumed mercury-contaminated fish. Ms. Sakamoto called on government delegates to the Minamata Convention to take strong action to bring an end to global mercury poisoning and ensure there are no more Minamatas. Specifically, Convention delegates must end the global trade in mercury that is feeding small scale gold mining, drive down coal-fired power emissions and clean up contaminated sites. The Minamata Convention on Mercury commemorates the world’s most infamous mercury poisoning episode in Minamata Bay, Japan as a reminder of mercury’s devastating effects, and to catalyze action to prevent future Minamata disasters. Mr. Yoichi Tani, advisor for the past 40 years to a surviving community of Minamata Disease sufferers said, “Minamata is still a contaminated site. There are many Minamata disease victims struggling to be recognized and compensated. The situation in Minamata is not resolved.” 

Read the entire press release here

IPEN International Coordinator Bjorn Beeler opening the press conference


22 September, 2017

Collaboration Center for Minamata Disease Victims' "No More Minamata" Pamphlet

No More Minamata18 September, 2017

IPEN's and Biodiversity Research Institute's new study Mercury in Women of Childbearing Age in 25 Countries, as well as press release, infographics, map and Executive Summary.

   High Hg levels in Women infographic    Mercury in Women report cover

18 September, 2017

IPEN COP1 Briefs (عربى / English / 中文 / français / русский / español) on:

Contaminated Sites

Small-scale Gold Mining (ASGM)

Mercury Supply and Trade

Mercury Waste

                                                                                                    Russian    English     Chinese    Spanish


14 September, 2017

IPEN Quick Views of the Minamata Convention (English / عربى / español / 中文 / français / русский)

IPEN's "Quick Views" is a summary statement of IPEN views on issues that COP1 will be called upon to address, including mercury supply sources and trade; reporting; effectiveness evaluation; ASGM national action plans; emissions; and more.

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