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A Toxics-Free Future


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23 November, 2018

IPEN press release

Mercury Treaty COP2 inches forward on non-binding guidance, while global mercury emissions surge 20% in 5 years. The solution? Shutting down coal-fired energy and banning the mercury trade.

Read the press release here.

19 November, 2018

IPEN / BRI press release: (Göteborg, Sweden) A new study has found elevated levels of toxic mercury in women of child-bearing age in countries across the Pacific, Caribbean, and Indian Ocean. More than half of all women who were sampled measured above the US EPA level of concern, and three out of four women measured had mercury levels that have been associated with the onset of mercury-related impacts to fetal development. The study establishes that mercury pollution has accumulated across the worlds’ major oceans, contaminating the marine food chain and posing a threat to a sizable portion of the world’s island populations.

Read the full press release here.

19 November, 2018

IISD Reporting Services coverage of the Conference:

Conference variant