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Stories of Women Workers in Vietnam's Electronics Industry

Stories from women working at two Samsung factories in Vietnam are documented in a report by the  Hanoi-based Research Center for Gender, Family and Environment in Development (CGFED) and IPEN. The unprecedented study of 45 workers reports frequent fainting, dizziness, miscarriages, standing for eight-to-twelve hours, and alternating day/night shift work. This study is important because the lives and rights of workers in the electronics industry in Vietnam have been neglected in research and policy. The study speaks to the need for comprehensive regulations to ensure worker safety in the electronics industry. The full report can be downloaded below. The press release can be downloaded here.
  •  The Samsung Electronics plant in Bac Ninh displays its massive export numbers on the outside of the building. Photo credit:
  • Lunch time at Samsung Vietnam. Photo credit:
  • Mobile phone assembly at Samsung Vietnam.  Photo credit:
  • Mobile phone assembly at Samsung Electronics in Vietnam happens standing up. Photo credit:
  • Lunch break at Samsung’s Ban Ninh plant. Almost all the female workers are in their twenties.  Photo credit:
  • The mostly female workforce stands for the entire workshift period. Photo credit:
  • Worker dormitories at Samsung’s Bac Ninh plant are crowded and have the potential to disrupt sleep if all the residents of a room are not working the same shift schedule. Photo credit:
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