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Stories from the Clean Room Documentary, Global Screenings

The Movie

Stories from the Clean Room is a documentary from South Korea revealing the dirty secrets of the electronics industry. Twenty-three former factory workers tell their personal stories of toxic workplace exposures, corporate malfeasance, and their fight for justice.

Video Picture

  • Portrait image of Park Min-suk
  • Portrait image of Shim Gyu-seok
  • Portrait image of Shin Hyo-seon
  • Portrait image of Yun Eun-jin's father
  • Portrait image of Kim Eun-sook
  • Portrait image of Kim Gyeong-hui
  • Portrait image of Kim Mi-seon
  • Portrait image of Lee Eun-ju's father
  • Portrait image of Lee Eun-ju
  • Portrait image of Lee Hye-jeong
  • Portrait image of Oh Ga-yeong
  • Portrait image of Park Hyo-soon
  • Portrait image of Kim Mi-yeon
  • Portrait image of Kim Seong-kyo
  • Portrait image of Lee Ji-yeong
  • Portrait image of Koo Seong-ae
  • Portrait image of Kim Jin-ki's wife
  • Portrait image of Hye Gyeong's mother
  • Portrait image of Yun Eun-jin's mother
  • Portrait image of Park Hyo-soon's mother
  • Portrait image of Lee Eun-ju's mother
  • Portrait image of Kim Bo-mi
  • Portrait image of Lee Hui-jin
  • Portrait image of Yoo Jeong
  • Portrait image of Han Hye-gyeong
  • Portrait image of Hwang Yumi's father

Global Screenings

"Stories from the Clean Room" was shown in many countries, including Albania, Armenia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, China, Czech Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, South Korea, Togo, Tunisia, and the United Kingdom. The movie and accompanying protests outside Samsung's headquarters led to a historic admission of responsibility by that company and compensation for victims. But worker health and safety issues in the electronics industry continue in locations around the world.

  • In Georgia, demonstration of the film was carried out by Georgian Environmental and Biological monitoring Association (GEBMA). Georgian experts on chemical safety, Dr. Inga Gvineria and Dr. Manana Juruli facilitated film screenings at three institutions. More about the screenings in Georgia.
  • The film's trailer was shown in Geneva on November 28th during a panel on 'Addressing human rights impacts of toxic waste: challenges and human rights due diligence across sectors' as part of the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights. The panel discussion was organized by GoodElectronics, ICRT, BHRE, Earthrights and UN Special Rapportur on human rights and toxics, Baskut Tuncak. This panel was attended by 60 people.
  • In the Philippines, Ecowaste Coalition organized a screening at Cine Adarna, University of the Philippines (UP) Film Institute. Close to 300 people attended from student and youth groups, labor federations, informal waste workers’ associations, and environmental and health organizations, and were very moved by the film. Read this article to find out why.
  • Social Action for Integral Development (ASDI) is a Togolese non-governmental organization working on the management of electrical and electronic equipment waste, training and sustainable agriculture. On June 29th, they held a showing of Stories from the Clean Room in Togo. To read a press release from the screening, click here.
  • The screening in Kenya was hosted by Environmental Compliance Institute (ECI) on July 18th. 40 guests attended with representation from government, industry, informal business sector, and civil society, including community based organizations and trade associations. Kenya's SAICM Coordinator, Mr. Francis Kihumba, was also a notable attendee. The film generated a lot of awareness and interest among the participants and was organized jointly with the Ministry of Environment and CEJAD.
  • On August 3rd in Hong Kong, Greeners Action hosted a successful screening of the film for an audience of about 20 people. The audience expressed their support and gratitude for SHARPS. Greeners Action will host a second showing on the 31st of August in the evening.
  • "Stories form the Clean Room” was screened in the Dausa district, India, on August 11, 2018. With an audience of teachers, college students, schools and ITI, NGO’s representatives, trader unions, electronic mechanic, mobile recharger manufacturer, social workers, and media in attendance. Read more about the screenings in India.
  • Ngeri! Tak Disangka Pabrik Alat Elektronik Punya "Rahasia Kotor" (Indonesian article: "Horrific! Unexpected Electronic Equipment Factory Has 'Dirty Secret' ")
  • Pentingnya Keselamatan di Lingkungan Kerja (Indonesian article: "The Importance of Safety in the Workplace"")
  • In Indonesia, three screenings of “Stories from the Clean Room” took place in June and July in Bogor, Jakarta, and Surabaya. The screenings attracted up to 50 attendees from various NGOs, as well as representatives from electronics manufacturing companies. The film sparked discussion about workers’ right-to-know, establishment of empowered unions, and responsible consumerism. Read more about the screenings in Indonesia.
  • Bogor, Indonesia, July 28th: Soft-launch of the screening in Bogor, co-hosted by the Gibbon Foundation.
  • Surabaya, Indonesia, July 4th: Screening co-hosted by GEMA Indonesia (Gerakan Masyarakat Indonesia), a network of inter-faith, anti-racial solidarity group.
  • Jakarta, Indonesia, June 29th: Official kick-off screening co-hosted by Greenpeace Indonesia. Well attended with representation from NGO groups including the Indonesian Association of Labour Union (Gabungan Serikat Buruh Indonesia or GSBI) and representatives of Longvin workers (supplier of Samsung's headsets, earphone, etc.), Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Indonesia (KSPI), Yayasan Kanker Indonesia (Indonesian Cancer Foundation), JATAM, WALHI, ICEL.
  • Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment (AWHHE), an Armenian NGO, hosted a screening event of Stories from the Clean Room in Yerevan, Armenia, July 2018 with a discussion of toxics in electronics. More about screening in Armenia.
  • “Stories from the Clean Room" was screened at the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology in Khumaltar, Lalitpur at an interaction program jointly organized by Network of Occupational Safety and Health Nepal (NOSH-Nepal), Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), and Center for Public Health and Environmental Development (CEPHED) on the occasion of World Environment Day 2018. The program was opened by Mr. Durga Pd Dawadi, Director General of the Department of Environment. Read more about the Nepal screening.

To read details about the global screenings that have already taken place, click here.

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