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A Toxics-Free Future


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Learn more about the issues that are important to you. IPEN's webinars will provide viewers with deep dives into important aspects of the sound management of chemicals and how we can work to mitigate the consequences of decades of toxic pollution.

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Current Courses

Course: The Threat of Incineration

The Threat of Incineration

This 4-part, 1 hr 16 min course covers four main topics on incineration, facilitated on 21 April 2020 by Jane Bremmer, using specific cases around the world to illustrate key issues. View the supporting materials.

  • Part 1: The threat of waste to energy in Australia
  • Part 2: Climate change impacts in the UK
  • Part 3: Monitoring Issues
  • Part 4: An Expensive, Polluting, Dead-end Technology

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