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A Toxics-Free Future


Lead Paint Elimination in Ethiopia

Pesticide Action Nexus Association (PAN-Ethiopia) is the NGO that IPEN has partnered with in Ethiopia for this project.

Lead in Solvent-Based Paints for Home Use in Ethiopia was produced in 2017 and presents new data on the total lead content of solvent-based paints for home use available on the market in Ethiopia. It also presents background information on why the use of lead paint is a source of serious concern, especially to children’s health; a review of national policy frameworks that are in place to ban or restrict the manufacture, import, export, distribution, sale and use of lead paint, and provides a strong justification to adopt and enforce further regulatory controls in Ethiopia. Finally, it proposes action steps by different stakeholders to protect children and others from lead paint

21 July, 2017: Press Release- New Study Still Finds High Lead Content in Many Ethiopian Paints

Ethiopia 2015 Lead Paint Data summarizes the data from a study on lead paint which Pan-Ethiopia conducted in 2015. This was the second time that PAN-Ethiopia analyzed paints sold in Ethiopia for their lead content. A previous study, conducted in 2012/13, analyzed eight enamel paint samples from eight paint brands.


2015 Lead Poisoning Prevention Week of Action in Ethiopia