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A Toxics-Free Future



Toxics Link is the NGO that IPEN has partnered with in India for this project.

June, 2015: National Report: Lead in Enamel Household Paints in India in 2015 The 2015 reports follow-up on analyses conducted in 2013 and were designed to test whether or not lead levels have fallen since that earlier study, especially in paints with high lead levels in 2013. Although results vary country by country, most NGOs are finding that though market leaders have reduced lead levels, many paints from small and medium sized producers continue to have unacceptably high lead levels. 

December, 2013: Toxics Link has analyzed lead content in household paints on four separate occasions- in 2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013. In total, 104 samples of paints have been studied. This report presents detailed findings from the most recent round of analysis and compares the results with results from previous studies. It also reviews national policy frameworks that are in place to ban or restrict the national manufacture, import, sale and use of lead household paints.

November, 2013: Press Release- Dangerous Lead Levels in Paints

Media Coverage

India TV Coverage of Lead in Paints issue on 20 November, 2013. Toxics Link Director Mr Ravi Agarwal, Associate Director Mr. Satish Sinha and Dr. Prashant Rajankar were featured in the coverage.

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