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A Toxics-Free Future



BaliFokus is the NGO that IPEN has partnered with in Indonesia for this project.

July, 2015- National Report: Lead in Indonesia's New Enamel Household Paints The 2015 reports follow-up on analyses conducted in 2013 and were designed to test whether or not lead levels have fallen since that earlier study, especially in paints with high lead levels in 2013. Although results vary country by country, most NGOs are finding that though market leaders have reduced lead levels, many paints from small and medium sized producers continue to have unacceptably high lead levels. 


August, 2013- A new report from BaliFokus found that most paint companies in Indonesia, including some major brands, sell paint for household use containing unsafe levels of lead. The paint analysis was done in coordination with the IPEN Asian Lead Paint Elimination Project. More than 77% of the samples had lead content greater than 90 parts per million, and would not be permitted for sale in most highly industrialized countries.

Press Release, 22 August, 2013: Study Shows Dangerous Lead Levels in Household Paints in Indonesia, Children’s Health at Risk / Kadar Timah Hitam Dalam Cat di Indonesia Membahayakan Kesehatan dan Tumbuh Kembang Anak

Indonesia Lead Paint Report Cover

 Andita Primanti being interviewed by press during BaliFokus' press conference