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A Toxics-Free Future



Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand (EARTH) is the NGO that IPEN has partnered with in Thailand for this project.

June, 2015: National Report: Lead in New Enamel Household Paints in Thailand. The 2015 reports follow-up on analyses conducted in 2013 and were designed to test whether or not lead levels have fallen since that earlier study, especially in paints with high lead levels in 2013. Although results vary country by country, most NGOs are finding that though market leaders have reduced lead levels, many paints from small and medium sized producers continue to have unacceptably high lead levels. 

October, 2013: This report presents new data on the lead content in enamel household paints for sale in the Thai market. It examines the level of lead contamnaton in the paints and advocates for sufficient measures to control the use of lead in household paints and to guarantee consumer safety.

Lead in Thailand's New Enamel Household Paints report cover   Lead Paint Elimination Children in Thailand