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A Toxics-Free Future



Sustainable Research & Action for Environmental Development (SRADev) is the NGO that IPEN and Toxics Link partnered with in Nigeria for this project.

Results from National Sampling   

No.Samples - 30
Median ppm - 13394
% > 90 ppm - 100
%>600 ppm - 100
Average (ppm) - 30332
1. The arithmetic mean of lead concentrations of all samples was 30,332.1 ppm (3 percent). Lead concentrations vary from 2,898.4 ppm (0.3 percent) to 129,837 ppm (13 percent).
2. For enamel paint the arithmetic mean of lead concentrations was 36,989.5 ppm (3.7 percent). The range of lead concentrations varied from 4,636 ppm (0.5 percent) to 129,837 ppm (13 percent).
3. For plastic paint samples, the arithmetic mean was 8,458 ppm (0.8 percent). The range varied from 2,898.4 ppm (0.3 percent) to 34,598 ppm (3.5 percent).
4. For all samples taken together, the median of lead concentrations was 13,394.2 ppm (1.3 percent), while for enamel paint samples the median was 23,866 ppm (2.4 percent). For plastic samples, the median was 4,560 ppm or 0.4 percent.
5. Some 30 samples, which included 23 enamel paints and seven plastic paints, were analysed for total lead concentrations. All samples, including enamel and plastic paint samples, had lead concentrations higher than 90 ppm.
6. The highest concentration of lead (13 percent) was found in a green colour enamel paint sample (sample no.: NJG 04).


SRADev Elminate Lead from Paint Press Release and Press Conference-Recent Study finds Lead in 100% of House Paint in Nigeria


SRADev lead paint press conference childrenPanel at SRADev's press conference