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A Toxics-Free Future


Sri Lanka

Centre for Environmental Justice (CEJ) is the NGO that IPEN and Toxics Link partnered with in Sri Lanka for this project.

Results from National Sampling  

No.Samples - 33
Median ppm - 34
% > 90 ppm - 45
%>600 ppm - 45
Average (ppm) - 15927
1. In general, plastic samples have low lead concentrations (less than 90 ppm).
2. Enamel paint samples have high lead concentrations (more than 600 ppm; lead concentrations ranging up to 14 percent).
3. Only one company, ICI, has its enamel products containing lead in lower concentrations.


Lead-free paint brochure

"Protect Your Child from Lead Paints" poster

Press release- Mandatory Standards necessary for decorative paints in Sri Lanka

Press release - More paint brands found with high lead levels 

CEJ lead poster