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A Toxics-Free Future



Ecological Alert and Recovery Thailand (EARTH) is the NGO that IPEN and Toxics Link partnered with in Thailand for this project.

Results from National Sampling   

No.Samples - 27
Median ppm - 2
% > 90 ppm - 30
%>600 ppm - 30
Average (ppm) - 38970
1. All plastic paint samples had lead in low concentrations (less than 90 ppm).
2. Some 47.1 percent of enamel samples had lead higher than 90 ppm. 30 percent of the total samples exceeded 90 ppm. The average lead concentration was 38,969 ppm.
3. Some of the enamel samples showed very high concentrations of lead, ranging up to 51 percent. The highest concentration of lead (51 percent) was found in a yellow colour sample(THL 21).


(Thai) RAMA Hospital Press Release

(Thai) Smart Buyers magazine, a collaboration between EARTH and the Foundation for Consumers. The issue highlights information about the Global Study on Lead in New Decorative Paints and the testing results in Thailand.