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A Toxics-Free Future


IPEN Views on OEWG 1.2 Science Panel

IPEN believes that sound, independent science should determine national, regional, and international policies on chemicals and waste. The policies should be based on the precautionary principle, the industries’ duty to disclose information, and citizens’ right to know. Access to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is a universal human right, as are science-based policies to protect the human rights of individuals and communities exposed to hazardous substances and wastes.

IPEN therefore believes that in order for a future science-policy panel to inform decisions that protect human health and the environment and to contribute further to the sound management of chemicals and waste it: 

  • Should have a main focus on chemicals (scope) and horizon scanning (function).
  • Should not be directly coupled to already existing policy frameworks but focus on issues not already covered or not sufficiently covered.
  • Must be built on the precautionary principle and require policy-relevant guidance to governments to be aligned with the best available scientific evidence.
  • Needs to have a clear policy on disclosure of conflict of interests of its members.
  • Needs to be adequately funded with sustainable, predictable, and accessible financing to deliver on its missions and objectives.
Read the full document for more details and information.
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