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Exposure to EDCs Poses a Serious Threat to Present and Future Generations

IPEN participating organizations in Asia call on governments to regulate endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs)in products. At a recently held EDC- Free Asia Conference, the NGOs discussed the results of a regional study undertaken in partnership with the Wonjin Institute for Occupational and Environmental Health (WIOEH), with support from the Financial Industry Public Interest Foundation (FIPIF), Korea to determine the presence of phthalates in erasers and bisphenol-A (BPA) in thermal papers, and to promote regulatory reforms.

Among the IPEN SEA POs in the EDC project were Gita Pertiwi and Ecological Observation and Wetlands Conservation (Indonesia), Consumers’ Association of Penang (Malaysia), Interfacing Development Interventions for Sustainability and EcoWaste Coalition (Philippines), Research Centre for Gender, Family and Environment in Development (Vietnam), and Toxics Watch Network (Japan).

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5 May 2022 (4PM Manila) – IPEN SEA D-Tox Session on Citizen Science

In 2020, several IPEN POs in Southeast and East Asia participated in the implementation of citizen science projects supported by the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI). The project results were presented in series of virtual conferences in 2020 and in a D-Tox session last April 2021. D-Tox session was conceptualized in 2020 as a virtual platform for IPEN member NGOs in Southeast and East Asia to discuss various toxic and waste issues in the region. D-Tox is also an online capacity-building platform to help strengthen POs in their work.

This year, the first D-Tox session aims to gather participating organizations and partners in the region to improve understanding on how citizen science works, its challenges and opportunities; provide an opportunity for more IPEN POs and partners in the region to share their citizen science initiatives; foster collaboration and sharing of related resource materials; and encourage other POs and partners to adopt such initiatives.

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