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Tips for Teachable

Tip #1: You need to create a login when first enrolling

The Teachable platform, which is the instruction platform we’re using for our online courses, requires students to create an account the first time they enroll. IPEN’s courses are all FREE, but the platform is designed for people who assess fees for access.

To create an account:

  1. At the home page (or, click the “Sign Up” button in the upper left corner. If you’re using a phone to enroll, this button appears a little farther down.
  2. On the Sign Up screen, click the Sign Up with Email button. (On mobile, this button may take to you a login screen, which means you’ve already created an account.)
  3. Fill in your name and email, then click Sign Up
  4. You can now enroll in courses. Note however that until you confirm your email address, you will see a message at the top of your screen as you use the course.

Tip #2: Pick the right course for you

Nearly all of our Women and Chemicals courses are presented in the native languages of the instructors, with English subtitles. Because materials are available in both the presenter’s language and English, we have created two versions of these courses – one entirely in the presenters language, and one with English materials and quizzes.

You can tell which course is which in one of two ways:

  1. The Women and Chemicals courses have a course number (eg., WC01) followed by a language code. “EN” means English; the other codes are ISO standard codes for the presenter’s language (eg., “SW” for Swahili or “ES” for Spanish).
  2. Each course has artwork with the course title. The titles indicate the language of the course.

Tip #3: Enabling subtitles

We have worked to create subtitles for all the Women and Chemicals courses in both the language of the presenter and in English. However, the Teachable platform does not currently allow us to enable captions by default. So if you want subtitles, you will need to enable them manually for each video.

To enable subtitles:

  1. Click the “CC” button (which stands for “Closed Captions”)
  2. Select the language you want from the pop up menu

Tip #4: Getting your certificate

If you’re interested in getting a certificate of completion, you just need to finish the entire course. Each lecture (or module) must be completed, in order, for you to progress through the course. You must also complete the quizzes, and have multiple tries to ensure success. Once you’ve finished the final course, you should get the option to print your certificate. You print these yourself; IPEN doesn’t send them to you. If you have problems, please let us know!

Tip #5: Giving us feedback

At the end of each course is an English feedback survey. Please complete these to help us as we design courses in the future.